Thursday, September 3, 2009

Best Cruise Deals - Discount Cruises

How CruiseCompete Works

CruiseCompete is a quick and easy way to have independent travel agencies compete to offer you the best cruise deal.
1. Choose a cruise.

Use our Cruise Search, browse by Cruise Line or Specials Category,
or use Live Agent Help.

2. Create an account.

Set-up a CruiseCompete account so you can request and receive quotes anonymously.

3. Request quotes.

Select the ship, sail date, passengers, and the number and type of cabins. More than 300 travel agencies
will immediately have everything they need to provide quotes and compete for your business.

4. Compare quotes.

When new quotes are available, we will e-mail you a notification including a link to your account. There is no obligation to buy, and travel agents will NOT have your contact information unless you give it to them (Privacy Policy).

5. Contact agents.

You may contact agents by phone or e-mail for more information or to book your cruise.

It's that easy.

Go to our Home Page to begin.

More questions? See our About section or Contact us.
How CruiseCompete Groups Works

Because of the complex nature of large group cruise requests, our group system provides for direct contact with travel agents.

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  1. You guys are awesome. My family uses your services five times and everithing was perfect. Keep going like that. I desided to start a cruising blog for my cruise travel stories with CruiseCompete.